Academy Française

French Conversation Lessons with refreshments 


  • Are you interested in improving your French? 
  • Do you wish to practise regularly? 
  • Perhaps everything French is your passion?


If so, I can help -  here is where you meet people who are like minded and where you can learn the art of conversation.


My mission is to bring people who love speaking French together on a regular basis, with a coffee and a croissant or a glass or two of wine and some cheese.  Sound like something you would like to know more about?  Give me a call on 07985 724842 or email me


French Conversation Lessons are held in Coleshill and a warm welcome awaits you.  Why not bring a friend?  I offer full handouts, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as a weekly recipe - you can choose the topics which range from food, wine, geography, the arts, hobbies, shopping etc...

Call for your first free lesson!

If you would like to start a new group and have a few friends who are interested give me a call as I am looking for new areas!

Enrol now and get your French in shape for that 

trip to France by practising your accent and improving your vocab

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