Academy Française

French Conversation Lessons with refreshments 

What are Conversation Lessons?


They are lessons that will help you to improve your conversational skills.  At the start of the session I will prepare an introduction to a topic include vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation.  You can enjoy a coffee (or tea!) whilst I explain the topic in detail and give you pointers for making conversation.  You will receive handouts with all of the information necessary to get you off to a flying start! 


Once the introduction is over it's your turn!   Meet, greet and practise with others in the group.  I will be on hand to help, guide and generally provide support.  We practise numbers, currency and useful phrases.  There is no need to feel pressured and meeting new people will hopefully open up new friendships too.


What are the Advantages?


You will widen your vocabulary by learning new words each week, improve your pronunciation and ensure your grammar is correct.  Learning new topics will broaden your appreciation of all things French whilst at the same time preparing you for a visit to France or to greet French people who may visit you. 

Most of the groups appreciate that two hours a week is not a great deal of time to spend - but they are pleasantly surprised to find that actually when it comes down to it and they speak French on holiday or with a French person they can actually maintain a conversation and have great pronunciation skills - which enables them to be more easily understood and they have a wide vocabulary.

Extra events are organised - such as cheese and wine evenings barbecues and a blind champagne tasting evening etc.  There is the weekly recipe available to all of the group - practise your culinary skills with tried and tested recipes of firm French favourites! Try this one for free!   Beef Bourgignon Recipe


How do I sign up?


Email me for an enrolment form, or call me if you would like a chat - call me, Marie on 01675 463400, 07985 724842


When are the lessons held and where?


Lesson Times:

Begginers Lessons Thursday Evenings at Coleshill Town Hall March - June 2018

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Call me for details 07985 724842